EXA-ICE ADVANCED (AGES 14+)(Grades 8+)

Are you looking to make very high-tech and innovative projects? This platform is just right for you. Bring your own ideas and we can help you turn them into reality or just bring your will and curiosity towards STEM concepts and we will help learn to think outside the box and build and innovative intelligent projects. It could be making your house or any other environment smarter, 3D design and printing, a photography and videography with DJI’s Mavic Pro and their post-production, building drones or making remote controlled cars, boats, planes or quad copters and so on.


Level 1Arduino 1.0
Level 2Arduino 2.0
Level 3Arduino Projects
Level 4Raspberry Pi
Level 5Drone Engineering
Level 6Aerial Photography and Videography
Level 73D Design and Printing