• Off-campus programs refer to all group sessions conducted outside of the main campus (140 La Rose, Unit 205, Toronto, ON, M9P 1B2).
  • Off-campus events include, but are not limited to, school programs, special workshops, birthday parties and off-campus camps.
    Off-Campus programs structure:
  • The structure of I.C.E’s off-campus programs can be customized to meet your needs!
  • A full program consists of 8 sessions.
  • Each session is from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • The minimum number of students per group is 10. The maximum number of students per group is 24. Larger groups will have to be divided or students will have to work in larger groups.
  • Off-campus programs pricing:
  • Pricing for off-campus events will vary, based on factors such as distance of off-campus location, number of sessions purchased, equipment required, etc.
  • I.C.E will try our best to accommodate you!
  • Pricing may be either per session or per student.
    Off-campus events are usually per session based.
    Off-campus camp programs are usually per student based.
  • Payment for off-campus events may be covered by the institution or students directly.
  • I.C.E can arrange for payment to be made by students directly. I.C.E will provide all relevant information and forms for parent information.
  • Registration of off-campus events:
  • All programs details will be discussed over the phone and confirmed over email.
  • C.E will invoice the client after the sessions have been completed.
  • If a booking fee is applicable I.C.E will invoice the client for the booking fee and after the program has been completed.
    Booking Fee:
  • A $225 booking fee is required for off-campus programs booked by private institutions. The booking fee is not applicable to programs booked by school boards.
  • The booking fee will be applied to the total cost of the off-campus programs once the program has been completed.
  • The booking fee will be applied to the total cost of the off-campus event.