The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is an international robotics competition gathering students from Grade 5 to university, from over 50 countries. Year after year, nearly 20,000 teams compete in their home country to be selected for the WRO international final. Teams composed of 2-3 students and assisted by a coach develop their creative and problem solving skills through robotics challenges. Except for the Advanced Robotics category, WRO challenges are to be solved using mainly LEGO components.

During the competition, a surprise rule is announced to the teams so they can access bonus points, adding thrill to the challenges.

Zone01 Robotics is the WRO National Organizer for Canada. In January of every year, Zone01 Robotics publishes a modified version of the WRO challenges, adjusted so they can be solved in time for the regional events. Canada is the country where the national final takes place at the earliest date (among all WRO participating countries).

The first Canadian delegation was formed to compete at the 2014 International Final. Since them, Canadian teams have been representing their country at the International Final and also during other open competitions. Canadian teams have been seen at the following events:

  • 2014: WRO International Final – Sochi, Russia
  • 2015: WRO International Final – Doha, Qatar
  • 2015: World Robot Adolescent Contest – Beijing, China
  • 2016: WRO International Final – Delhi, India


Hans Island is currently the only island in the polar circle between two countries; Canada and Denmark.

For many years, both nations have been claiming this territory peacefully. In 2003, the Danish Navy landed on the island and claimed it, planting a Danish flag. In July 2005, Canadian soldiers went to Hans Island, removed the Danish flag, put a Canadian flag on it, and erected an Inukshuk! The territory of 1.3 km2 is still today amicably disputed between the two countries.

Your team was mandated to defend Hans Island, on behalf of Canada, against the Danish coastguard.

The 2 flags will be erected on the island. Will you be able to knock down the opponent and protect yours?

Participants must build and program a robot that is able to:

  • Detect the white line around the playing area;
  • Pushing or pulling the opposing robot COMPLETELY outside the play area without getting out of it himself;
  • Protect his flag
  • Drop the opponent’s flag


Pyrotechnics is the science behind fireworks. It is with the combustion of oxygen-free metallic powders that the many colors of the fireworks are produced.

Pyrotechnics comes to us from China where it started almost 1000 years ago. The pyrotechnics (or rocket) used for the fireworks were previously called rockets, then rockets, before the translation into English by the word “Rocket”.

You are asked to help place rockets for the national holiday fireworks. Your robot must carefully handle the rockets, to prevent them from exploding, by placing them at the intended locations.

Be careful, fireworks can explode if they are hit or fall!