TERA – ICE BEGINNERS (AGES 5-8) (Grades 1-3)

I like to think of STEM as much more than an acronym. STEM really is a philosophy. STEM is a way of thinking about how educators at all levels—including parents — are able to spark a child’s interest in the field be helping students integrate knowledge across disciplines, encouraging them to think in a more connected and holistic way.

It is important to remember while attempting to integrate STEM into the daily or weekly curriculum of early learners (5 years and plus); they are perfectly adapted to learn STEM concepts. The process of explaining sophisticated and it is not difficult to teach STEM to young children. The secret is to tap into their natural and innate curiosity about the living world.

TERA ICE has brought the perfect platform for early learners. Here, students are not just playing with toys but also learning the mechanics behind the how these toys are built, how do they make certain sounds, display images, move and so on. Such as every real life science, technology, Engineering, Mathematics related concepts. From a very basic one (i.e. building a house or car) to complex ones like pneumatic systems, renewable energy projects, animations, electronic circuits, machines mechanics and so on.



Level 1LEGO WeDo
Level 2LEGO WeDo Advanced 2.0
Level 3Simple Machines
Level 4Simple and Powered Machines
Level 5Renewable Energy
Level 6LEGO Pneumatics
Level 7Scratch Animation
Level 8Little Bits
Level 9Dash and Dot Robots
Level 10Ozobot